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Sheyna, was born into a family of cooks. It is part of her culture. She learned at a young age how to prepare family recipes and pastries and developed a passion for cooking. After graduating high school, she decided to pursue her career in culinary arts obtaining a High Honors degree in Culinary and Hospitality Management.

While working at a bakery, she fell in love with making specialty cakes. Producing edible works of art gave her a sense of pride. After adding these customized cakes to her menu, her clientele grew.

With the opportunity to have worked for several food service facilities, she quickly transitioned from a young cook to an Elite Chef. Sheyna began catering events through networking on her own and quickly gained more experience in the field. This allowed her to utilize the entrepreneurship skills she attained in college and via experience.


Cheferette Shari, the eyes of the beholder. Bringing any vision to life, she's the beauty of our company and a #1 team player!​ With a Degree in Arts and Science, she brings her Interior Design background, knowledge and love of the Arts into all Shey Ni Chez creations.


Cheferette Nadia, the facilitator. Always getting the job done; she's the taste of the company and ensures thorough quality checking for all Shey Ni Chez Creations.


Established in 2010, Shey Ni Chez is a Gourmet Home Based Catering Company based in Brooklyn, New York.

Currently servicing the Tri State Area, they
are proud to provide an array of mouth watering specialty products and professional services including, but not limited to;

  • Specialty Cakes :
    (Weddings, Showers, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Holidays, etc)

  • Specialty Pastries:
    ( Cake Pops, Cupcakes, Chocolate Covered Deserts, +more)

  • Catering:

    • Pick up/Drop off

    • Buffet style

    • Bartenders

    • Servers

    • Hosts/Etc.

    • Main Table Setups

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